NATULIQUE Heat & Sun Protector is an all-in-one product offering long-lasting, everyday heat, sun and UV protection.

Added beneficial oils and extracts deeply penetrate the hair shaft, hydrating the hair from the inside out and replenishing lost nutrients, proteins and minerals.

NATULIQUE Heat & Sun Protector contributes to shiny and healthy hair with reduced frizz, to help make styling easier.


The best part is, this product not only keeps the hair from getting fried –  it adds shine, conditions and smoothes the hair texture.

Once applied, you can heat style a client’s hair with confidence.


Heat & Sun Protector is enriched with Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamin B and Ricinoleic Acid, all of which is highly beneficial to both hair and skin.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, derived from natural Wheat Germ and Wheat Starch, conditions and increases the overall strength of the hair, penetrating the hair shafts all the way to the hair roots.

  • No Sulfates

  • No Parabens

  • No Paraffin

  • with added certified Himalayan goji and jasmine flower extract


Instructions for use:Use before blow drying, curling or straightening.  Apply a fine mist evenly over damp or dry hair. Gently massage into the hair.



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  • Includes standard shipping throughout NSW, Australia.

  • 200ml